October 13th 2013, Heraldo de Aragón http://www.heraldo.es1380723_644198022287325_2074498402_n

MUSICAL REVIEW / Luis Alfonso Bes
Aquatic fluidity
They emerged clean. The voices flowed out of the piano with aquatic fluidity, in the unmistakable prosodic sequence of the Cantor of Leipzig. The music of Bach, with phrases full of trills, mordents and slides, streamed with a firm character and a good deal of feeling in the interpretation of Tomás Basavilbaso. The pianist, formed in Saragossa, opened his brief program with the “Concerto italiano” by Bach, without scores and showing undeniable artistic forcefulness.

After such a beginning, Basavilbaso played the “Fantasy in C minor, KV 475” by Mozart, with a remarkable sense of “rubato”, as well as a crystal-clear touch, which allowed him to present the musical message wrapped in an expressive cover of noticeable transparency. He continued to show these qualities in the “Fantasy in C major Op.17” by R. Schumann, but with the appropriate change of performing style, in order to transmit the unblemished passions of the Romanticism. Those wide chords sounded distinctly, full of interpretative force, and contrasted fittingly with other more lyric passages full of emotion.

And there came the moment for us to listen to the music of Isaac Albéniz, the greatest Spanish composer for piano of the 20th century. From his “Suite española”, Basavilbaso had chosen “Granada”, with which he brought us the vivid images of the city of the Alhambra, still fresh in the memory of those who could visit it again this summer. We had also the chance to listen to a luminous performance of “Cádiz”, thanks to a precise as well as intense fingering. With the support of a firm and secure technique, the pianist expanded a playful recreation of the echoes of the South of Spain. From the same series of pieces, we also listened to “Aragón”, that sprouted with the expressive force and character that only someone who has endured the buffeting of the “cierzo” (typical wind of this region) for years and drunk enough water from the river Ebro, can imprint to the ternary measures of the “Jota”.

But that was not all, because the brief concert was going to finish with “El Albaicín”, also by the great Albéniz, from his monumental “Suite Iberia”. Tomás Basavilbaso realized an exhibition of profound expressiveness virtuosity, and effectively recreated the sounds full of “duende” of the most characteristic quarter of the town of Granada.

October 11th, 2013, Periódico de Aragón

A stroll through different musical styles

Pianist Basavilbaso performs for the first time in Saragossa

Formed in Saragossa, he lives in Belgium and has become a prominent figure in his field.

J.P. Montaner

The “Luis Galve” concert hall of the Auditorium of Saragossa will hold tonight an event that hides a moving inner story. Tomás Basavilbaso, an internationally recognized pianist, aged 31, will perform in his home town for the first time, in front of his friends and family. Born in Luarca (Asturias), Basavilbaso grew up and was musically formed in Saragossa. Nevertheless, in spite of his consistent career, he has never given a recital in the town that adopted him.

His first remarkable appearance took place when he was 16 years old, in Washington state. Since then, he has been called to perform in places as different as Spain, France, Belgium, UK and other parts of the US. The artist explains this contradiction with naturalness and resignation: “It just happened like that…”.

His case shows that music is not an exception in the situation of a country, whose young people flee to foreign countries in search of a better life. “In my case, I have not found too much support in Spain. Music is a complex world, and often it happens that the good musician does not receive any help. It is something strong to say, but that’s the way it is. Fortunately, there are also people who throw themselves into promoting the talents that appear. As a matter of fact, I am performing here in Saragossa thanks to the Asociación Aragonesa de Intérpretes de Música. But the reality is that many people end up going abroad because they do not receive help or support”, he regrets.

Fortunately, life has treated him well. Settled in Belgium, he has managed to develop his talent (he has been thoroughly trained as a soloist and in chamber music), that he will show tonight at last in Saragossa. “My friends will be able to come to see me, and the people who saw me grow as a pianist”, he explains.

In order not to deceive his public, but to excel his premiere, he has prepared a recital with pieces by Bach, Mozart, Schumann and Albéniz, in the form of which is meant to be a stroll throughout the Baroque, Classical and Romantic styles. “It is a long-thought program. I am going to perform well-known pieces, which I consider to be very special. They are pieces of each period that bring something special and that string together perfectly”.


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